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Woody's Original Clamlube Hotsauce

Clamlube Potion No.2 Authentic Black Hot Sauce

$ 10.95

Woody’s Potion No. 2 is big on flavor with habanero and our secret enlivening mojo aplenty to let you know it’s definitely kicking. No. 2 may begin to make you sweat and quenches your need for shameful states of bliss.

Product Description

All natural ingredients, mindfully sourced and artfully concocted. Luscious notes of black cherry kindle a profile that’s big on taste, with habanero and cayenne aplenty to let you know it’s kicking, without overpowering your dish’s original flavors. The ginger is sprightly on the palate, while chipotle and serrano peppers bring a lasting fiery finish.

What you eat makes you hot. Breakfast, elevensies, lunch, dinner, picnic, BBQ, beach party, snacktime, everytime works with Woody’s. If your chicken wings just don’t have that zing, Clamlube it! If your tofu and rice needs a little extra spice, Clamlube it! If your salmon steak could use a little shake, Clamlube it! As flavor zealots we want to enliven all your eats and Clamlube brings out the very best of flavors in your fave foods. You’ll feel better and look better, way!

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