Smokey Blue Grape Leaf Hand Thrown Ceramic Wine Chiller

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Hand thrown stoneware wine chiller with Grape Leaf imprint, glazed in blue - gray tones with a black rim. Place a wine bottle in your frozen wine chiller and it will stay chilled on your table without ice. A standard 3 inch diameter wine bottle will fit.

Approximately 7 to 8 inches tall.

These are made through a process called wax resist. First we impress, or roll a live green leaf into the soft clay. The leaf burns away during the first kiln firing leaving an impression. Then we paint wax over the leaf impression and glaze the rest of the pot. The wax burns off showing the natural leaf impression underneath.

All J Fetzer Stoneware of Lancaster, Ohio is microwave safe, oven safe (if gradually heated and cooled), lead free for food safety, and dishwasher safe.