Organic Tea Sachets Box of 12

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 Brewing Instructions: 1 Sachet, 8 oz. Boiling Water, Steep 3 - 5 min.                  

Ginger Lime Rooibos - Organic green rooibos combined with zesty citrus and ginger is refreshing and thirst quenching. Served hot or iced.

Ingredients: Organic, Fair Trade green rooibos, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic hibiscus, organic lemon myrtle, organic lemon peel, organic stevia and essential lime oil.  

Masala Chai Black Tea - A robust and classic full-flavored black tea blended with traditional whole Indian Masala spices. Best brewed strong and served sweet with milk.

Ingredients: Organic, Fair Trade Certified black tea leaves, organic cardamom seed, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic clove, and organic black pepper.  

Pomegranate Green Tea - Rich green sencha tea blended with fruity pomegranate and citrus lemongrass.

Ingredients: Organic green tea leaves, organic lemon grass, organic calendula and natural fruit flavors.  

Citron Jasmine Green Tea - Soothing organic jasmine green tea and green rooibos infused with refreshing citrus flavors. Delicious and aromatic, served hot or iced.

Ingredients: Organic Jasmine green tea leaves, organic Fair Trade green rooibos, organic lemon grass, organic lemon myrtle, essential bergamot oil, and essential orange oil.  

Earl Grey Black Tea - A classic British black tea infused with essential bergamot oil. Satisfies with a distinct flavor and aroma.

Ingredients: Organic black tea leaves and essential bergamot oil.  

Bright Mint Green Tea - Lively and clean this classic gunpowder green tea is blended with the finest peppermint and spearmint refreshing the palate.

Ingredients: Organic gunpowder green tea leaves, organic peppermint leaves and organic spearmint leaves.  

Breakfast Black Tea - A full bodied Sri Lankan classic black tea rich in flavor, the perfect companion for early mornings or anytime of the day.

Ingredients: Organic, Fair Trade Certified, single estate black tea leaves from Sri Lanka.

Organic Raspberry Rooibos - Our Red Raspberry Leaf Organic White tea  is a mélange of fresh white tea and red rooibos blended with the captivating flavor of raspberries, lemon peel, raspberry leaf and rose petals. White is very low in caffeine but very high in antioxidants,  the red raspberry leaf is chock full of vitamins B, C, Magnesium, Potassium and Iron it's been shown to be a helpful aid for women’s health for all ages for its ability to balance hormones and be an effective pregnancy aid.