Great Pumpkin Black Cat Wood Shelf Sitter

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Casper, the cat wanted to dress up for Halloween this year, and when I asked him what he wanted to be...this is it! He wanted to be the Great Pumpkin! I think he looks charming as a Great Pumpkin...what do you think?

Actually, he said he's the Great Purrmpkin! I thought he had a "lisp", so I kept asking him what he wanted to be. Every time he just kept saying...purrmpkin, purrmpkin, purrmpkin. 

Oh, got it! Casper is going to all the Halloween parties this year as the Great PURRmpkin!

He also asked me to tell you to buy him because it's time to upgrade your Halloween decor!

We handcraft him in 3/4" thick wood with his bright orange PURRmpkin costume in our Wooster, Ohio workshop.