Adjustable Crafted Wood Electronic Tablet Stand - Choice Cherry or Walnut

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Made from fallen cherry and walnut, revealing their natural beauty.

Each piece is hand cut. 

The wooden hinge and metal knob allow you to set the stand to your preferred angle. Loosen the knob, adjust to your preferred angle, then tighten the knob! Keeps the device stable and secure.

Tablet can be set vertical or horizontal.

The stand can be set to a vertical / 90 degree / "strait" angle with the device still secure. The "hooks/feet" are 1" deep and support a variety of devices and cases!

Coloring and sizing will vary due to the natural wood sourcing.

Perfect for your desk or table while you listen to music, watch videos or video chat! Great gifts for a new office, employee, friend or boss! For reading recipes or catching up with family.

Available in Churry or Walnut Wood

Size: 10 x 5 x 4