Extreme Charley's Extremely Low Fat PB Dog Treat

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  • *Now preserved with natural vitamin 'E"

Everything Charly the pup does is to the extreme - she sings at the top of her lungs along with TV commercials, barks relentlessly at her own shadow, plays until she can't stay awake, and mischief, mischief, mischief. When we developed new biscuits, we knew they had to be extremely nutritious, extremely low fat, and extremely delicious. Just like Charly, our new PB's are over the top - every extreme wish is met. These are no ordinary biscuits!!!!! (Oh, and Charly LO-O-O-O-VES them!)

Contains Rice flour, egg whites, applesauce, all natural peanut butter and oatmeal.

*New* Latch-Top Tin keeps biscuits fresh longer, looks great on kitchen shelf. Order economical refill bags to keep tin full!

  • 8oz,
  • This one looks just like peanut butter cookies.
  • The aroma will reminds you of grandma's kitchen.
  • Wheat free corn free
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Do Not store airtight