Ten Cent Beer Night Wood Mixed Media Print 8x8

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8x8 Wooden Print of an original mixed media painting by Colleen Smith. The painting was made using vintage Cleveland newspaper clipping from the infamous event! "It seemed like a good idea at the time...."

- stained on the sides in a vintage brown hue 
- signed by the artist 
- ready to hang with mounting teeth

Colleen is an artist inspired by an allegiance to what some have called “the greatest location in the nation!” After a few years in Chicago, then Columbus, Colleen rediscovered her love for Cleveland when she moved home in 2007 and took up residence downtown. Her art is a fusion of history and paint. Each piece is made with authentic vintage newspapers, magazines, programs, and trading cards – some dating back to the early 1900’s. Her collection of original mixed media paintings has been digitally reproduced into poster prints and transformed into her unique line of giftables. Each item is 100% handmade with great attention to detail & craftsmanship – right down to the packaging!