Star Shaped Wood Ornament Box of 5

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Mixed Hardwood

  • Handmade star ornament made from mixed hardwood

Ash and Cherry Mix

  • Handmade star wood ornament made from fallen ash and cherry.
  • Cherry tree fallen from a storm in the hills of Pennsylvania.
  • Ash tree fallen in Fallen Tree Woodshop's yard in Ohio 

Scarlet & Gray

  • Made from mixed hardwood and painted with scarlet one side and gray on the other.
  • Tied with a red string. 

Walnut & Ash

  • Handmade star ornament made from walnut and ash


  • Please note, due to the nature of the wood sourcing, the sizing and coloring may vary. The ornaments will look similar to the photo.
  • Handmade in Columbus, Ohio
  • Approximately 2"