Beer Bread Mix - Various Flavors

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 These bread mixes are designed to be mixed with one can or bottle of your favorite carbonated beverage and then baked. It's as simple as that! We offer a variety of mix flavors to pair with whatever you might have on hand and we are always testing out new recipes and ideas

CLASSIC BEER BREAD Our flagship beer bread mix will make a 2 pound loaf of bread with a perfectly moist interior and crunchy crust. Pairs with any beer, light or dark, hoppy or sweet. Also pairs well with ginger ale or fruit-flavored sparkling water.
CINNAMON RAISIN BEER BREAD Our most popular mix will fill your home with the warm smells of cinnamon and baking bread. Try pairing this mix with an apple beer or cider, or try with any light to amber colored beer. Or, try with ginger ale for an extra bite of ginger.
ZESTY JALAPENO BEER BREAD This mix will make a spicy loaf of bread with an approachable heat level. Try it with a pale ale or any beer lighter in color. Using lemon-lime soda will tone down the heat. Great with chili!
EVERYTHING BAGEL BEER BREAD This mix will make a loaf of bread with all of the flavors of a breakfast favorite. Pairs with beers lighter to amber in color.  Try it with a smear of cream cheese and smoked salmon!
LEMON POPPY SEED BEER BREAD Perfect for the spring and summer season, this bread is packed with lemon flavor and speckled with poppy seeds.Pairs perfectly with a lemon shandy or any very light beer and with lemon-lime soda.
LEMON BLUEBERRY BEER BREAD Our newest mix combines favorite flavors into a moist loaf of bread studded with pops of color. Pair with a lemon shandy or any light beer or with a lemon-lime soda. Makes a fantastic French toast!
BEER BROWNIE The perfect end to a meal, our brownie mix will make a pan of the darkest, fudgiest, chocolatiest brownies around! Make this one up with a dark beer or try it with root beer or cream soda.
JALAPENOS CORNBREAD - Our Jalapeno Corn Bread Mix will make a classic loaf of corn bread, with just a touch of sweetness and a touch of spice.
Make this mix with an Oktoberfest of other Amber Lager for an extra touch of sweet.
PUMPKIN PIE SPICE - This quintessential fall flavor packs a punch of favorite fall spices. Make this mix with a Pumpkin Spice beer for an extra punch of fall flavors!
APPLE FRITTER -  Just in time for the apple harvest, this bread will remind you of a fresh doughnut, stuffed with apples and cinnamon and just the right amount of sweetness. Make this mix with a hard apple cider or apple beer for best results. Or, try it with ginger ale. Top with cinnamon sugar before baking for a true apple fritter experience!
ORANGE CRANBERRY - This classic holiday combination will wow your friends and family with the smell of warm spices and the sweet and tart burst of cranberry flavor. Make this mix with a winter spice or brown beer, or try it with ginger ale.