The Best in The Land The Story of Brutus Buckeye by Paul Keels

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The Best in the Land by Voice of the Buckeyes Paul Keels, tells the story of Brutus Buckeye, from nut to beloved mascot. Young Brutus dreams of one day playing football for his favorite team, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

He works hard, but when his chance arrives, it’s not as a player. As Brutus finds new ways of helping his friends to victory week after week, he learns there’s more than one way to be part of a team. From running the scoreboard to helping coaches craft plays, to giving the players an extra boost of confidence, Brutus is determined to do his part.

But will he ever get to take the field with the team? Will he be able to find his place at Ohio State?

Throughout this wonderfully illustrated, rhyming story, Brutus shows his true worth to the fans, players, and coaches. What honor can they bestow to show him how grateful they are? This story of team spirit and perseverance will appeal both to young readers and lifelong fans.

The Best in the Land is officially licensed by The Ohio State University and is sure to become a favorite for Buckeyes of all ages!

Hard cover with 4 color dust jacket, 32 pages, 8 in x 10.5 in