CL Family Spotlight: Vino de Milo

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CL Family Spotlight: Vino de Milo

This week we're shining the spotlight on Celebrate Local family member Jonathan Leal, founder of Vino de Milo and JB's Best!

What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started?
We got started at an incubator 14 years ago, and have just grown like crazy since then, adding all sorts of products, including our newest, Vino de Milo Maple Bacon Onion Jam — truly addictively good.

What makes your products unique?

Our Vino de Milo products all have a splash of wine, and our JB’s Best products have tequila (salsas) or Jackie O’s beer (BBQ sauces).  Plus most of our products have no added sugars.

What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family?

We love being part of the local movement, and have been on the shelves at CL for many years — they were truly a pioneer in this realm, and we’re glad to be along for the ride!

Vino de Milo and JB's Best products are available at both Celebrate Local stores and on our website!