CL Family Spotlight: Jewelry by Cricket Jones

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CL Family Spotlight: Jewelry by Cricket Jones

This week we're shining the spotlight on Celebrate Local family member Jewelry by Cricket Jones!


What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started?

I had a little corner of a Coffee Shop where I sold a little bit of anything small and interesting like cool flowerpots or decorated water bottles or vintage jewelry. I had run out of rings to sell and ordered some interesting new rings to re-sell. I got them and exclaimed "Why I can make rings better than this (I had no background in jewelry making or metalsmithing) I saw a neat piece of old silverware on a table at home and I just picked it up and started bending it until i made a ring. Kind of as a joke, I took my piece in to the coffee shop and showed the baristas to back up my verbal claim. I got feedback like, "That's really good Cricket! You could sell that Cricket. Cricket, make me one!" So after I found out they were not joking I started making more and learning fast enough to sell them in my little shop. Soon, that was all I was selling at Cricket's Corner: Spoon Rings!

What makes your products unique?

I was lucky to run into two master jewelers who took me under wing and steered me in the direction of best tools to use and how to prevent making the many mistakes you make when just learning. I had an art professor friend who was there when I first started. She volunteered to be the editor for each product. Unless it was perfect with zero defects, it did not make it out for sales. I have always had an eye for classic and unique design so when it came time to pick flatware to reinvent I had to look far and wide until I found designs that would impress me. So I always have a wide range of very unique patterns to work from. 

What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family?
In unison, every worker I met has REALLY shown that they were there for Cricket's success. A pure appreciation for what the artist does is shown by everyone and even the sales associates have worked there for multiple years because they love working at Celebrate Local. My kind of environment!