CL Family Spotlight: The Slate Lady

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CL Family Spotlight: The Slate Lady

Happy Friday to all of our readers, customers, and CL family! This week we are getting to know Dina, aka The Slate Lady!


Please tell us the story of your business...

My business came to be back in 1989 when I decided to try and turn my passion for painting into a source of income so that I could work at home while raising my son. Like many artists, I had given countless paintings to friends and family, so I thought "why not try and sell a few"?  And that's exactly what I did.  I sent pictures of my artwork into a local art festival, got accepted...and the rest is history .  Once I got my feet wet at that first festival, and sold more than a few ...I've never looked back.  So fast forward approximately 28 years...I am still going strong, selling my slates at several local art shows, on line, through my web site and at some local stores, including my favorite, Celebrate Local.  

My mission is to bring happiness to people through my artwork.

What do you like to do when you aren't busy creating your art?

When I am not busy creating art, I enjoy spending time with my husband of 37 years, my two sons, and my grandson. We love camping, hiking, biking...and anything outdoors.

Please tell us more about your creative process. Slate is a unique medium for paint...

I enjoy painting on the vintage slate.  It is wonderful to be able to repurpose roofing tiles, and know that I am keeping them out of the landfill, and able to turn them into something that can be used and enjoyed by so many. 
I love painting anything nature related.  

How has being a part of Celebrate Local helped your business grow?

I can't begin to describe how much I have enjoyed being a part of Celebrate Local.  It has been a tremendous boost for my business and gives me a place to send my customers to purchase my slates when I can't accommodate them. I have never dealt with another company run as well as Celebrate Local, and truly appreciate and admire all the wonderful people that make it work, and give all of us artisans a place to sell our goods.

I know you said you love anything nature related, but which would you say is your favorite?

My favorite product has to be my Cardinal Pair slate.