CL Family Spotlight - Latshaw Apiaries

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CL Family Spotlight - Latshaw Apiaries

This week we shine a light on one of our newer CL Family members, Latshaw Apiaries!

1. What is the story of Latshaw Apiaries?

Joe was fascinated with stinging insects as a young child. He discovered that you could keep a whole hive of stinging insects, and he just had to have one! He saved his own money and became a beekeeper at the age of eight. His love of bees grew as he studied bees at Ohio State University and Arizona State University. Today, Joe’s love of bees is shared by his wife, Leah, and son, Jacob. While Joe handles the bee breeding side of the business, Leah handles supplying local honey to the central Ohio community. Jacob continues to be the chief taste tester!

2. What is your favorite product (that you carry in our store) and why?

That would have to be the creamed honey. The creamed honeys give us a chance to create a product that our customers may never have experienced before. Often customers come to us with a suggestion for a specific flavor, we search for ingredients that we can trust, and then give it a try. Cinnamon continues to be the most popular, but newer flavors like ginger have developed their own loyal following. Our customers also create the best ways to use the creamed honey – not simply as a spread for bread, but as flavorful additions to drinks, grilled meats, fruits, scones, etc. The possibilities are endless!

3. How has being a part of the Celebrate Local family helped your business grow?

The location of Celebrate Local makes it easy and convenient for our customers to have access to our products year round. Additionally, the benefit of having so many awesome local businesses together in one place allows all the vendors to benefit. Not only can customers pick up a jar of local honey, but they can grab everything else they need for making a perfect cup of tea or an impressive appetizer.