CL Family Spotlight: Brewhaus Dog Bones

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CL Family Spotlight: Brewhaus Dog Bones

Happy first Friday of Spring!

Today we are sharing the story of Brewhaus Dog Bones, a nonprofit family member from the Cincinnati area. Their delightful treats contain only four ingredients: natural peanut butter, brown rice flour (made from the whole rice grain, healthier, for ease of digestion and lower allergen risk), locally sourced eggs....and spent brewery barley malt grains!

A group of students who help to create Brewhaus Dog Bones.

Please tell us a little more about the business....

Basically what Brewhaus makes are healthy, wholesome craft beer dog treats! We work closely with local craft microbreweries and get their spent brewing grains, all barley malt, on brew days and that is the core of our dog treat. It's a little bit different dog treat, just like many of our bakers and different is good! We celebrate and embrace our differences and try to build strengths for employability. We focus on two things in our non profit, vocational training and work skill development and also paid employment at Findlay Kitchen, OTR. 
Natalie mixing up a recipe.
How did this idea, this business, come to be?
Our crazy story is that we were in San Diego in November, 2013 with our daughter, Natalie, who has a rare chromosomal abnormality, for a fun family trip and had lunch at the Coronado Brewing Co on Coronado Island. A dog lover my whole life, I noticed dog treats for sale in the retail area of the brewery sourced from spent brewing grains. Light went off and I immediately thought this is exactly what I've been looking for! As my daughter got older and was a senior in HS at the time of this trip, I often wondered what could we do that would provide good work opportunities for her? We love animals and are a cooking family, and bake often, and the dog treats just seemed like a perfect blend of interests. I did some research, talked several times with the lady there who makes the treats, and after talking to many others in the business and brewing community, started a plan to launch a non profit to help young adults with disabilities who need job skills and employment after graduation. We officially started in September of 2014 and going strong since then. We specifically target young adults in the school districts that are going to soon age out of district services and supports. All our ingredients and supplies, t-shirts for bakers, baking time at Findlay Kitchen if desired,  are provided at absolutely no cost to help provide a real world project based learning model and a step into paid employment. 

Williamsburg Real Brew Crew
What do I like to do when not making or managing dog treats?

I love animals and spend time on my 22 acre farm, with our 3 dogs, 4 cats and 5 donkeys. I love nature and find a great peace watching it all unfold on a daily basis (hehe, except like today when one of our cats brought a snake to the back door). I also love riding my bike and going for a good walk or run. Exercise is a great stress reliever and coupled with a good music playlist, makes me always feel better and ready to tackle just about anything. 
Student Eric hard at work in the kitchen.
Our creative process matches my style of life in general. When I think hmmm, we need to have this or that, I experiment, throwing in some of this, a little of that,  and see what works. My dogs are happy and willing taste testers!  Of course on a daily basis, I live with my inspiration, my daughter, who makes everything I do meaningful and worthwhile. I've also met such an amazing group of educators and student bakers and I have to say, my world has been so enriched by these new connections. What an awesome bunch! 
 Being a part of the CL Family, gives our product an endorsement of goodness, meaning consumers like it and will buy it. We are so proud to be in the CL stores! I was very excited to be included and am very appreciative of the effort to manage and run the business so well. It's a great place to have our product! Our student bakers are very proud to see their product displayed and available to CL customers! Additionally, the CL staff have very kind to our participants and have offered additional opportunities to them to learn and grow in their vocational skill set. 
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