CL Family Spotlight: Biscotti Cookies And Cakes

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CL Family Spotlight: Biscotti Cookies And Cakes

One of the best things about working with over 300 small business owners is getting to taste of all the delicious, local and homemade treats! Oh... and sharing them with you of course. This week, we're talking with another at-home baker turned business owner, Heather from Biscotti Cookies and Cakes. So sit back, grab a cookie and read on!

Q: What's the story behind your business, and how did you get started? A: Prior to starting Biscotti Cookies and Cakes, I spent 25 years as a homemaker and volunteer.  Over the years, I worked on perfecting family recipes which led to growing requests from family and friends. Four years ago I turned that dedication into realizing my dream of owning my own business, allowing me to share my love of baking with everyone.

Q: What makes your products unique? A: Biscotti Cookies and Cakes has a commitment to making excellent baked goods with only the best ingredients. My take on family recipes is based on the desire to provide only the finest and most delicious desserts and treats that look as good as they taste. Now you can have beautiful, homemade, freshly baked desserts for your family. Perfect for holidays and parties, orders can be customized by size and presentation, but quality ingredients and freshness are non-negotiable.


 Q: What do you like about being part of the Celebrate Local family? A: Partnering with Celebrate Local has been a wonderful way to make the jump into the retail market.  Everyone there has been tremendously helpful, drawing from their expertise and experience to offer much-appreciated advice. It’s truly inspiring to see my product alongside by the very best products Ohio’s entrepreneurs have to offer. I can’t say enough about how happy I am to be part of the Celebrate Local family.

 Stop into our Easton location to pick up some Biscotti Cookies and Cakes and check them out on Facebook!