Sweet and Spicy Fruit Mustard (Various Flavors)

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Blueberry Jalapeño - For our first attempt, we blended jalapeno peppers and blueberries.  Sweet with a medium heat and a hint of blueberry flavor.  The perfect marinade or glaze for pork, chicken, or fish. Our favorite use is a dressing over a fresh spinach salad.

Raspberry Jalapeño - For our next adventure we blended the same jalapeno peppers with fresh raspberries, much to our surprise, these raspberries had more flavor than what we got from the blueberries...definitely a GOOD surprise! Great for all of the same uses as the blueberry, but we ventured further to beef...for the best beef ribs that you will ever have...use the raspberry version as a BBQ sauce...visit our website for the recipe! This one needs a habanero version...

Mango Jalapeño - And then there were 3! The same blend...just swapped out the raspberries for mangos. Same uses as it’s two predecessor’s...but dare I say...CHICKEN WINGS?!