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Shagbark Ohio Corn-Maize Tortilla Chips 12 Oz - Celebrate Local, Shop The Best of Ohio

Shagbark Seed & Mill Co.

Shagbark Ohio Corn-Maize Tortilla Chips 12 Oz

$ 4.50

We bring local staples to the table! Shagbark Seed & Mill is a prototype for invigorating our food system with regional-scale certified organic stone ground flours, whole grains, dry beans, tortilla chips, crackers, from crops that are suited to our soils and climate.

We partner with Ohio family farms where only the best heirloom varieties of corn, popcorn, spelt, amaranth, and beans-black turtle, adzuki, and pinto–are grown with respect.

Our chips are made with heirloom corn using traditional native methods that bring out corn's flavor and nutrients.

All our grains & beans are this year's crop so they cook faster and taste better...

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