Santuario Red & Green Chile Salsa

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16 oz.

Chuck’s temptingly tasty  New Mexico Red & Green Chile tomato salsa is History in a Jar.  A distinct New Mexico creation, the rich and dominant chile flavor sets it apart from all other salsa flavors. New Mexico chile peppers were the 1st domesticated chiles grown in Northern New Mexico; originally a native land, claimed as a Spanish possession, then decreed a Mexican territory, and subsequently became part of the United States.  

Hispanic settlers entered from Mexico, establishing villages along the Camino Real (Royal Road from Mexico City to Santa Fe), while Franciscan padres attempted to convert native pueblo populations. 

The red-ripe chiles, prolifically cultivated in family plots, were picked and tied in chile ristras, and hung from the eaves of homesteads to sun-dry, preserving the pods naturally.  These landrace chiles, grown in the Santa Cruz valley, including the early Spanish fortified-settlement of Chimayó; provided a year-long supply of flavor and spiciness to mundane foodstuffs. The Catholic faith of the Hispanics was often the sole refuge for the hardships endured in the high desert. The capillas, chapels, churches and penitente moradas (the lay brotherhood’s place of worship); were the center of daily spiritual life.  The label of my Santuario Spicy Salsa pays homage to the Santuario (Sanctuary) de Chimayó, the Lourdes of North America.  

This Good Friday pilgrimage site is a quaint early 19th century chapel containing historically-significant reredos (painted altar-screens) and bultos (carved wood statues of Santos), the local art of devotion.

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