Reclaimed Slate Coaster - Single

T. Michael Studios
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$ 8.00

  • 4x4
  • Hand-cut Slate
  • Historical Data associated
  • Cork Tabs attached to reduce scuffing
  • Plain or Circa 1804 Stamped Abailable 

DESCRIPTION : These Reclaimed Slate Coasters once adorned an Ohio TRADING POST built in 1804 as an Architectural Slate Roofing Shingle. (Zanes Trace Trading Post )

SLATE HISTORICAL INFORMATION : This slate came from a 1804 Trading Post in Ohio. It was used as roofing shingles and was taken off when the Post was torn down. ThisTrading Post was used for trade of Goods, Fur, Supplies, & Materials.

Each unique slate is individually handcrafted by a SLATE MASON for you at T. Michael Studios from weathering grey slate. Rustic, Hand-cut slate with natural chipped edges. Around 1/4" thick. Natural shape. Cork tabs on the bottom of each coaster to protect any surface. Slate finishes may vary due to natural coloring of rock. 

SLATE : Each piece of slate is very special. Most of the slate I use has been reclaimed from Historical buildings and barns throughout the heartland. Every piece that leaves my studio has a history of its own, and a journey that it has taken. Once I receive it, I sculpt it and mold it into a new form for someone who now will use it to enhance their life and create a new history with their family.