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Queen Line Ohio Honey - 1 Pound Jar - Celebrate Local, Shop The Best of Ohio

Nature's Honey Tree

Queen Line Ohio Honey - 1 Pound Jar

$ 10.00

This is the freshest, purest maple syrup you can get.   No additives. No corn syrup. No fillers.  

All locally harvested and hand-poured in Mt. Gilded, Ohio

Our Russian and Italian bees buzz across acre after acre of Ohio farmland, pollinating local plants and starting the honey-making process.  They are hard workers too: Honeybees fly 50,000 miles and tap over 2,000,000 flowers to get just one pound of honey!  That is when our work begins.

We resurrected old Amish recipes and traditional artisan techniques that give attention to detail that you just can't find in the mass-market honey manufacturing plants.

The result? 

No additives. No corn syrup. No fillers.

Just 100% pure, all-natural honey made the way it used to be -- with strict quality control for the purest, freshest honey around.

And because plastic bottles may leach harmful chemicals (see the Mayo Clinic's explanation here), we hand-pour honey into glass jars that pay homage to Mr. Charles Muth, a beekeeper from Cinncinati, Ohio in the mid 1800's.

Our bees may have covered enough distance to travel around our planet - twice - for you, it's never been easier to get your hands on the purest honey imaginable, turning family meals into feasts and tired recipes into family favorites.

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