Original Sweet and Spicy Mustard (Various Heat)

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Here at Mayhem Foods in Columbus, Ohio,  we prefer FLAVOR with our SPICY in our Mustard! We believe that together, the flavor and the spice, should accentuate the food that we eat.

‘Here are a variety of items, packed with flavor, at a spice level that will be sure to make your endorphin's rush, from mild all the way up to the heat of the ghost pepper...guaranteed to light your own unique fire!

Mild - Flavored with fresh anaheim peppers while they’re still green...this blend will have a naturally sweet after taste with no heat. Excellent flavor for the mustard lover that cannot handle any heat!

Medium - Starts with anaheim peppers, but then adds a pinch of spice from fresh jalapeno and serrano peppers.  This blend has the same natural sweet after taste of the Mild with a pinch of spice and goes great on just about anything!

Hot - Starting with a blend of fresh jalapeno and serrano peppers, we add habanero’s to the mix to spice this mix up. This is where the average spice fan will start to notice the tingle on their tongue from the heat.

Extreme - Enjoy the heat and flavor of fresh habanero’s in this one. This one is the owner’s favorite...excellent for the lover of spice...hot and flavorful, but will NOT ruin your day!