Local Heat Fire Brick - Recycled All Natural

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Exclusive to Celebrate Local

Local Heat is a fire brick made from 100% natural and recycled materials. Not only is it sugar and gluten free, but it is accelerant and chemical free as well. They emit no toxic fumes, creosote or foul odors.

But, that doesn’t mean it tastes good! The bricks are quick starting and do not require any form of kindling, and produce a hot and steady flame for two to four hours without the need for poking or tending! The main ingredient is coffee grounds, which are picked up daily from local coffee shops.

We use pine needles, cotton lint, unbleached coffee filters, and organic soy wax. The boxes are made in the USA from recycled cardboard. When the brick is formed and placed in the box, we use bees waxed hemp and and jute to tie the box closed.

The waxed hemp and jute also acts as a wick on the bottom of the box. Just place the box in a fireplace, or fire pit, light the bottom and enjoy an average of 4 hrs of heat.

Box O Heat has 3 exclusive essential oil scented bricks and (the Cinnamon is actually a fire starter) for Celebrate Local.

The bricks even have their own catchy name Local Heat!