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Lavender Infused Ohio Honey - Celebrate Local, Shop The Best of Ohio

Honeyrun Farm

Lavender Infused Ohio Honey

$ 3.25

Pure raw honey steeped with our own homegrown Lavender buds creates a delicious infusion that is great in tea, on biscuits or toast, or enjoyed by the spoonful. The lavender provides a subtle, delicate herbal flavor that is floral and earthy; not overpowering. Our customers love using it in their herbal tea.

Available in:

  • Si gale Honey Sticks
  • 2 oz jar
  • 8 or 16 oz squeezable bottles

Honeyrun Farm produces pure, raw honey from Williamsport, Ohio. Our honey is never pasteurized or high-pressure filtered, so it retains all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antibacterial properties that raw honey is known for. All raw honey (honey fresh from the beehive) will granulate (get cloudy and thick) in time. This is natural, and does not mean the honey has "gone bad", as honey does not spoil. Simply heat the container in a hot pot of water to re-liquify. We recommend not heating it over 100 degrees to prevent the loss of flavor, enzymes, and nutritional benefits. 

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