Guatemala Acatenango Coffee 12 oz

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12 oz bag of whole bean / ground coffee from Guatemala, Acatenango.

ORIGIN | Guatemala

REGION | Acatenango

NOTES | Sweet, Cocoa, Berry

ROAST | Light/Medium

GROWN BY | Asproguate Co-Op

VARIETAL | Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

PROCESS | Washed, Sun Dried

ELEVATION | >1500 masl

This is a SHB EP quality, Fair Trade certified coffee that was cultivated in the Acatenango region of Guatemala. ASPROGUATE is an organization that represents 150 smallholder producers from Cobán and Acatenango, and is committed to allowing small landholders better access to the international coffee market, with potential for growth.

ASPROGUATE’s Acatenango partners produce upwards of 1,000 bags of organic coffee a year in nutrient-dense volcanic soil. The certified organic coffee farms are located as high as 2,000 masl, and the region’s distinct seasons allow for sun-drying along with traditional and artisanal processing methods. In the more rainforest-like climate of Cobán, the coffee grows in soils rich with limestone and clay. With notes of cocoa and berry, this naturally fermented, patio sun-dried coffee exceeds all expectations with bright acidity, creamy body, and a pleasant aftertaste.