Granulated Raw Honey

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This is pure raw honey from Honey Run Farms own beehives located in the Deer Creek Valley of Pickaway County, Ohio. The bees have gathered nectar from a variety of Summer blooming wildflowers.  

Naturally granulated honey has never been heated or filtered, and is in its natural, thick, creamy state... great for spreading on toast, sandwiches, or spooning into your tea. It retains all the trace vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavors and aromas of fresh raw honey, as well as tiny bits of pollen, propolis, and beeswax. Our

Summer Harvest Honey has a richly robust flavor that is extremely flavorful and sweet. Some customers prefer honey in its granulated state rather than liquid honey, which is why we started offering honey bottled this way (spooned into jars after it granulates.) When the honey comes out of the hive it is in liquid form, but raw honey that is unheated will naturally granulate.