Gourmet Hot Sauce

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Cherry Chipotle - A smoky, sweet and fruity flavored hot sauce that has cherries, more cherries and even more cherries, mixed with chipotle peppers, to give us the flavor that we were looking for. 

Favorite use...Pork (Carnitas) and dare I say…STEAK…look out A1…C2 is coming for you!      

Hio Habanero - This ain't your average Habanero...We packed it full of orange, red, chocolate and yellow habaneros in order to get the most out of both the FLAVOR and the SPICE!

Blended with FRESH Carrots and Garlic...This Hot Sauce can fire up any dish with an unmistakable FLAVOR and SPICE...And can BURN you both today and TOMORROW!

Favorite Use...We love this one with our Breakfast Burrito's.  

Honeydew Jalapeño -  A sweet heat blended from the combination of melons and peppers…this stuff is OHIO summertime, in a jar.

Favorite Use...Salad dressing…I mean it…NO LIE…discovered this idea on day 13 of a 28 day cleanse that my wife made me do with endless salad after salad…I mean that I willingly participated in!  

SerraPeno - As if you couldn't have guessed...This one is the perfect blend of Serrano and Jalapeno Peppers mixed with sweet onion and packs some decent heat but definitely not overly spicy.

Favorite Use...This stuff is the ULTIMATE Taco and Burrito Sauce for those that DO NOT want to Sweat and Cry...both today and TOMORROW!