Goat Milk Soap Scented 4.5 oz

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All of our soaps are made by hand, with natural ingredients, fresh, locally sourced goat milk, and scented with either premium fragrance oils, or all natural essential oils.  We do not use artificial colorants of any kind.  All of our soaps' colors occur naturally, or by using natural colorants to enhance their visual appeal.


We manufacture our soap in small batches, using the cold process method, then cure them for four to six weeks to complete the saponification process and to allow the ph level to come to a skin loving value of 8 or 9.  


The combination of oils used in our soap create a well balanced bar that gives you the best of everything; rich, creamy lather, lots of bubbles, and a stable, long lasting product that rinses away leaving your skin feeling refreshingly clean and soft.  Try one, or try them all! Once you do, you'll never go back to factory made soap again!