Florentine Legacy Pasta Sauce

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Marinara Our original and best-selling sauce! Slow cooked with vine-ripened fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, oil, carrots and seasonings (with no sugar added). The outcome is a hearty sauce that you'll be eating by the spoonful!

Primavera A chunky tomato sauce slow cooked with fresh onions, fresh green peppers, fresh mushrooms, Marsala wine, garlic and oil. A personal favorite of the owner's that goes great with pastas, lasagna, and is perfect for simmering with meats!

Tomato Cream The newest and boldest in our sauce line-up! Onions, pepperoncinis and chopped garlic sauteed in oil simmered with whole tomatoes, seasonings and half & half creamer. There is just a touch of spice that will keep you coming back for more. Goes great with pastas, ravioli, flat breads, seafood and meats!


My grandfather opened Florentine Restaurant in 1945 in Columbus, Ohio.  Our loyal customers came for a classic Italian meal that was complimented by a dedicated staff in a family friendly setting.  We were a Columbus landmark until the day we closed in December 2016.  Now we are bringing the legacy to the comfort of your own home!  Carrying on what my grandfather started, and what my father and brother continued is an honor. ‘Nick Penzone’- 3rd Generation