Fire Bricks - Recycled All Natural

Box O'Heat
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BOX O’ HEAT is a fire brick made from 100% natural and recycled materials. Not only is it sugar and gluten free, but it is accelerant and chemical free as well. They emit no toxic fumes, creosote or foul odors.

  • The bricks are quick starting and do not require any form of kindling, and produce a hot and steady flame for two to four hours without the need for poking or tending!
  • The main ingredient is coffee grounds we pick up daily from local OHIO coffee shops.
  • We use pine needles,cotton lint, unbleached coffee filters, and organic soy wax.
  • Made in the USA from recycled cardboard.

Directions: Just place the box in a fireplace, or fire pit, light the bottom and enjoy an average of 4 hrs of heat.

Fun Sayings on Box for great gift giving! 

  • Packing Heat
  • You're Fired
  • Mamma Makes Fire
  • Daddy Make Fire
  • Heat Everyone
  • Let's Burn One
  • Hot Stuff
  • Hot Mess
  • Light My Fire