Ethiopia Limu Coffee 12 oz

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12 oz bag of whole bean coffee / ground from Ethiopia, Limu.  Also available in single packets and 10pc Single Box

ORIGIN | Ethiopia


NOTES | Citrus, Dark Chocolate, Floral

ROAST | Medium

GROWN BY | Inara Farmers Co-Op

VARIETAL | Ethiopia Heirloom

PROCESS | Washed

ELEVATION | 1750-1950 masl

This Fair Trade coffee comes from organic smallholder farms that are part of the Limu Inara Cooperative Union, located in the Oromia District of Limu, Ethiopia. It was washed at the Debelo Washing Station, which is owned and operated by the cooperative. Three major farming systems are recognized and practiced by the co-op:

1) Forest Coffee, which grows under a forest canopy with very little human interface;

2) Small Farm/Cottage Coffee, the most prevalent, which comes from small farms and is

shade grown and often inter-cropped; and

3) Plantation coffee, which is the system that utilizes modern coffee planting and processing practices. The plant varietal is Ethiopia Heirloom grown between 1750 and 1950 masl.

In the cup it is hard to beat Ethiopia for the sheer complexity, nuance, and delicacy of flavor. It has a profile highlighted by citrus notes from fragrance to cup filled out with a dark chocolate, floral aroma.