DR Congo Lake Kivu Decaf Coffee 12 oz

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REGION | Lake Kivu

NOTES | Brown Sugar, Orange, Clove

ROAST | Medium 

PROCESS | Washed, CO2 Decaf Method

This decaffeinated, organic coffee comes frrom the Lake Kivu region of DR Congo. Delightful in the cup, this limited release has rich notes of brown sugar, orange, and clove. The Carbon Dioxide decaffeination process uses compressed carbon dioxide in water to attract and then remove caffeine from green coffee. Similar to Swiss Water Process, the caffeine extraction takes place after the green beans have been exposed to water and their cell structure expanded. Because this process only uses carbon dioxide, water, and charcoal filtering technology, it is a completely chemical free process. Carbon Dioxide also selectively attracts caffeine while leaving the proteins and carbohydrates that contribute to flavor untouched. Byproducts of this process are natural and recyclable.