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Save your Seat

Disposable Baby Car Seat Covers

$ 5.98

Brilliant Idea for anyone with Kiddos! 

  • Disposable!!! 
  • Made of a 3-layer waterproof/moisture wicking material bottom layer-waterproofing low density polyurethane middle layer-cotton
  • Hemp batting to hold moisture top layer--moisture wicking cotton/poly blend, polyester
  • Lined with elastic and designed with multiple perforations enabling covers to fit all seats. Cover measure: 42” x 47“
  • Strap covers measure: 4” x 6” (One strap cover is 4” x 24” with three perforated lines allowing it to be broken into four smaller strap covers.
  • May be used on a regular car seat belt or a child car seat harness.)

4-Pack Girl

  • Two black/white patterned covers
  • One pink/white cover
  • One purple/white cover
  • Four strap covers

4-Pack Boy 

  • Two black/white patterned covers
  • One navy/white cover
  • One green/white cover
  • Four

4-Pack Neutral

  • Four black/white patterned covers
  • Four strap covers

1-Pack Neutral

  • One black/white patterned cover
  • Four strap covers

About Maggie Gue, Founder, Proctorville, Ohio : In 2011 I gave birth to child number three. I also had a son who got carsick and a daughter who was potty training at the same time! It quickly became impossible to keep three car seats clean, much less the four car seats in our SUV today! I knew I needed help. Disposable car seat and strap covers were the answer—enter Save Your Seat! I began the company in 2011 while keeping in mind that it’s the little things that make such a huge difference in our day to day lives. I hope with Save Your Seat our customers can have life just a little easier, too!

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