Dirty Chai Tea

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Once you have the Dirty Chai, there’s no turning back!

Available as loose leaf tea (3.5 grams or ~35 cups) and in tea bags (25 pyramid tea bags).

Looking for a unique and flavorful twist on masala chai? Look no further than ChaiBag's signature dirty chai, made with a blend of premium coffee and our proprietary 7 spice mix. This creamy and smooth drink is the perfect pick-me-up, with an added caffeine boost to energize you for the day ahead. Plus, our carefully selected spices naturally balance the acidity of the coffee, so you can enjoy every sip without any discomfort. Whether you prefer milk or a substitute, our dirty chai, which is a popular drink among coffee enthusiasts and tea lovers alike, is sure to leave you with a satisfied and indulgent mouthfeel. And for coffee lovers, why not try a double dirty chai - made with two shots of espresso for an extra kick!