Coconut Creme Wax Wooden Wick Candle (Variety of Scents)

Sweven Candle Co.
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Hand poured by Sweven Candle Co. in Dublin, Ohio with 100% Virgin Coconut Creme wax for a clean burn, We use a Dual Wooden Wick that is all natural and locally grown from real trees, and fine perfume oils and essential oils sourced from around the United Stated. No phthalates, dyes, or preservatives. Each candle contains 3 levels of scents which are all coordinating.

Available in the following scents:

  • Pomegranate Cider:  Some people like the same-old, same-old, while others like to mix things up a bit. Our Pomegranate Cider fragrance is for those of you who prefer a little twist. It starts with a very strong, traditional, cider notes of apple, sugar and cloves but adds the tart and tangy kick of fresh pomegranate. It's very unique and highly addictive!
  1. Top: Grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, pomegranate, orange, apple
  2. Middle: Berry, rhubarb, cassis, nutmeg
  3. Base: Woody, musk, moss, cardamon, white floral
  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus:  Our Peppermint and Eucalyptus fragrance blends sweet peppermint with tingly, earthy eucalyptus for a refreshing spa-like scent. Hints of cedarwood add depth that make this a perfect year-round fragrance. Peppermint and Eucalyptus candles bring an upscale scent into any space. The fragrance is wonderful for entryways, hallways, and living rooms since it beckons people in and invites them to stay.. Exclusive to Celebrate Local
  1. Top: Eucalyptus, Mint
  2. Middle: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Clove
  3. Base: Cedar, Musk
  • Strawberry Shortckare: Notes of fresh strawberries, sweetened shortbread, and lots of whipped cream make this classic true to life and irresistible.. Exclusive to Celebrate Local
  1. Top: Strawberry
  2. Middle: Vanilla
  3. Base: Whipped cream
  • Snickerdoodle:  A tasty treat with a characteristically cracked surface and cinnamon-sugar flavor, Snickerdoodle cookies are a year-round classic. In keeping with the heart of these light and delicious edibles, our Snickerdoodle fragrance oil has top notes of sugar, cinnamon, caramel, and creamy butter, rounded out with a smooth base of vanilla.
  1. Top: Cinnamon, sugar, honey
  2. Middle: Cream, butter
  3. Base: Vanilla
  • Love Spell:  An instant classic - this fragrance is a luscious fusion of citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach; with a hint of blondewood.
  1. Top: Apple
  2. Middle: Lilac
  3. Base: Musk
  • Cafe Coffee:  Dark, roasted coffee-bean scent with a touch of chocolate yummyness.
  1. Top: Coffee  
  2. Middle: Sugar  
  3. Base: Vanilla
  • Caramel Popcorn:  Sweet and Salty, our Caramel Popcorn Fragrance Oil is true to the classic American confection. This fragrance has a warm blend of buttery and sweet caramel with middle notes of popcorn, coconut, and candied pecan.
  1. Top: Sweet butter, salty notes 
  2. Middle: Caramel, coconut, candied pecan 
  3. Base: Vanilla, maple, condensed milk
  • Macintosh Apple:  So real you can almost taste the unmistakable crunch of that first bite of that juicy apple. Exclusive to Celebrate Local
  1. Top: Green Leaves, Pear, Mandarin
  2. Middle: Macintosh Apple, Plum, Apple Blossom
  3. Base: Musk, Apple Wood, Vanilla Bean
  • Orange Zest& Goji Berry:  Looking for something new and different? This is it! Our Orange and Goji Berry Fragrance Oil is a true-to-life blend of fresh squeezed orange and the exotic yet pleasing tartness of goji berries.
  1. Top: Orange
  2. Middle: Goji Berries
  3. Base: Vanilla
  • La Fin
  1. Top: PlumMiddle:
  2. Middle: Flowery
  3. Base: Vanilla Amber


Volume: 9 oz, Diameter:3.1 inches, Height:3.5 inches, Burn time: Up to 50-55 hours