Bourbon Infused Sauce

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Cranberry (Seasonal)

This is a seasonal flavor only but you may want to stock up for the off season as your tastebuds will want this bourbon sauce all year long. This bourbon sauce is great for all your cooking needs.


This is one of our most popular sauces as it is full of sweet flavor and is good on absolutely any food up to and including some deserts as our customers have told us. We tailored this sauce to accentuate more aquatic meats. so if fish or seafood is on the menu this is the sauce that will get the job done.

Mango Habanero

If you love the mix of sweet and spicy then look no further because this is the sauce you want. Our Mango-Habanero is the perfect blend of tropical fruit and hot pepper.

Sweet N’ Smoky 

This is our all out beef assault. This sauce will take your best beef recipes up a notch. With a mesquite and maple base flavor you won't want to eat beef without it.