Bourbon BBQ Sauce

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  • APPLE 

Don't let the name throw you off on this one of a kind barbecue sauce. With real home made apple butter this barbecue is sure to be a hit for everyone at dinner.


This barbecue is for all our bourbon lovers. It infuses everything that is bbq with a great bourbon flavor. If you are ready to bring bourbon barbecue to the next cookout then look no further.


With this tropical fruit base you will be transported to a whole new island of flavor. This has been tailored toward pork products but goes well with all meats.

  • SPICY 

This is one of our spiciest sauces as of now. This barbecue perfectly blends jalepenos and peaches to bring you dinner to a whole new level of good. If you like sweet and spicy bbq this is the sauce for you.


Our wild honey barbecue is unlike any other honey barbecue you have ever tried. We use real wild flower honey which really gives that great sweet honey texture. If you love honey bbq you should give this one a try.