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DuckButt Seasonings

DuckButt All Purpose Seasoning (Various Flavors)

$ 6.00

Our famous all meat Coney Sauce has been bringing happiness to the masses for over 20 years. It only takes one bite to recognize that this is the best meat sauce you have ever tasted. Due to continual request from our friends and customers, we have now turned our Meat Sauce into a seasoning packet. Now you can enjoy the famous taste of DuckButt seasoning in your own home and backyard cookout. There's an endless variety of ways to use "DuckButt" seasoning.


  • Original
  • Habanero  
  • Jalapeño 

In 1995 my wife and I purchased a small ice cream shop (Yummys) in Buckeye Lake, Ohio. Along with that came a coney sauce recipe that we changed to what it is today. In a ten year period we sold over 5,000 lbs. of this spoon full at a time. It went on top of hot dogs as well as many other things. Many times people would want to buy this yummy sauce in large amounts which I would never sell. The only way to buy Yummys coney sauce was on top of something we made. 

Well times change as well our name....."Duckbutt".  Now we are going to offer it for sale on our web site in pre-packaged spices to add to your ground beef, steaks, sour cream (for a dipping sauce), chicken...... no matter which way you do it we are offering the worlds best all purpose seasoning......

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