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The Gourmet Farm Girl

Golden Balsamic Vinegar

$ 18.00

Golden Balsamic is made from a blend of champagne vinegar, white wine and varietal white grape concentrate. It has a light amber color with a zesty flavor and light floral tones that enhance the natural flavors of salads and grilled vegetables. This Golden balsamic is a plain balsamic (no infused flavors) so it pairs well with all of The Gourmet Farm Girl extra virgin olive oils. This balsamic is very versatile in the kitchen; use in place of a traditional dark balsamic.

All balsamic vinegars are made with California grapes and are aged for an average of four years.

Ingredients: Champagne Vinegar, White Wine and Grapes

375 ML
Dark Green Glass Bottle, cork cap, safety seal

Made In Ohio


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