Spicy Citrus Scented Lotion - 16oz Bottle

Virgil's Fine Soaps
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Virgil's Citrus Scented Lotion

Made with a proprietary blend of lemon, lime and orange essential oils, our citrus lotion invigorates your senses and leaves you feeling fresh and and clean.You’ll love it. Here’s why:

• Anti-bacterial. Citrus oils fight germs and elminates strong odors.

• Mood booster. Citrus is both uplifting and calming which boosts your mood, relaxes your mucles and relieves everyday stress and fatigue.

• A natural astringent, citrus oils help tighten, tone and repair dull or oily skin.

• Gentle. Virgil's all natural sunflower oil base moisturizes and regenerates dull, dry skin.

Size: 16oz. Bottle