Tinglemint Bar Soap - 5oz

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A refreshing soap that's sure to wake you up! Virgil's Tinglemint bar soap soothes sore muscles and leaves skin feeling tingle-rific. Loaded with Virgil’s signature scrubbing pumice and loofah and fortified with Aloe and Vitamin E, our soap exfoilates, moisturizes and protects winter skin. Benefits include:

After workout soap: Peppermint relaxes sore muscles and invigorates your skin. You may experience a nice, tingling sensation after you use it...we do.

• Itching and Skin Irritations: Peppermint oils has a soothing and cooling effect on skin irritations caused by hives, poison ivy, or poison oak.

• Headache Reliver: Peppermint has been proven to reduce headache symptoms.

• Cold reliever: A shower with Virgil’s Tinglmint will help you breathe a little easier! Breathing in the cool scent relieves sore throats and acts as an expectorant for coughs.