Gardeners Bar Soap Bar - 5 oz

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Gardener's Green Cucumber

Made with a unique blend of cucumber and basil essential oils, Gardener’s Green reminds you of summer while it takes gentle care of your skin. You’ll love it. Here’s why:

• Therapeutic. Cucumber’s natural cooling abilites soothe dry, inflamed skin from sunburn and chapped hands.

• Mood booster. The refreshing cucumber scent boosts your mood and relieves stress.

• Improves skin tone. Our premium basil essential oils improves skin tone and rejuvenates dull skin.

• Acne Fighter. The natural astringent qualities of basil and cucumber makes Gardener’s Green a great remedy for acne and skin infections.

• Gentle. Virgil’s pumice & loofah blend scrubs stains, grease and tree sap away…gently.

Size: 5 oz bar