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Chessia Trick

2015: A Space Original - Local Ohio Artist

$ 250.00

Celebrate Local calls for Ohio visual artists to offer their artistic expressions on the theme of local and being local. The entries are 2-dimentional work created on a wooden panel that measured 15.25” x 15.25”. The Local Ohio theme is broadly defined and the subjects can include but not limit to common and uncommon symbols of Ohio; events, scenery, people, traditions, places that defined Ohio; personal feelings and artistic rendition of being Ohioan artists, etc. Artists are encouraged to use their own styles.

Artist Bio:

I like to draw and paint things. I spin Drum & Bass, UK Hardcore, J-Core and Gabba. I grew up not too far away from a record store/head shop in North Canton, Ohio, so I was always into rainbows and black light stuff.

I'm heavily inspired by various counter cultures, mainly the rave scene and the anime convention community. I started making stickers and designing slipmats for DJs after designing my own and continued from there. I also have my degree in Illustration.

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