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Shagbark Adzuki Beans 1 lb - Celebrate Local, Shop The Best of Ohio

Shagbark Seed & Mill Co.

Shagbark Adzuki Beans 1 lb

$ 2.50

These dried beans are most often enjoyed boiled with sugar and mashed into a sweet red bean paste.

How to cook adzuki beans: Soak 1-2 hours. Drain water and replace with fresh, cold water for cooking. Place on stove and bring to a boil in a pot with a lid. Once boiling, reduce to a simmer, tilting the lid slightly to allow steam to escape, and leave to cook for up to an hour, or until tender.



Shagbark Seed and Mill works to create a field-to-table value chain for regional scale, sustainable grown, high nutrition grain and bean products that ensures broad access to good food. That means that good, healthy food is available to all.

The vision of Shagbark Seed and Mill is to be a model for regionally based production, processing, and marketing grains, beans, nuts, flour, and oil seed that focuses on fair farm and worker wages, great flavor and nutrition, and equitable distribution through schools, retailers, farmers markets, restaurants, bakeries, and community and school gardens.

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