Sunapple Studio Clearance Collection

Sunapple Studios has been a member of our CL Family since we opened our doors in 2011. These very popular items are handmade by Sunapple artists from Columbus, Ohio. Because of COVID19, this non-profit organization has ceased its studio operation and will only be working remotely.

So, this collection is the LAST of its kind for the foreseeable future. Please purchase them while you can! When they’re gone, they’re gone.... :( 

The Sunapple program helped to change assumptions about the abilities of people with disabilities. A true community is one that values diversity, that all people deserve a living wage, and that everyone has something important to contribute. Teach-Reach workshops were the vehicle by which Sunapple artists shared the skills they have learned, by leading classes for members of the community.  Sunapple is a division of ARC Industries, Inc. that provides unique employment and job training opportunities to Franklin County adults with disabilities.