Cat Nip Bag Toy

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These Kitty Kicker and Catnip Sachet Cat Toys are must-haves for your cat. While these aren't dog treats, they are special toys that Biscuit likes to make for her feline friends. Biscuit makes all of her Doggie Delicacies toys with catnip and LOVE. These toys also make a great gift or fundraising item. With the holiday season approaching, they make a wonderful stocking stuffer for the special kitty in your life. 

The Kitty Kicker package contains 1 toy. The Catnip Sachet package contains 1 toy. Packages are each sold in 2 count bundles. 

All Doggie Delicacies cat toys contain all natural ingredients--USA grown catnip, cotton batting an cotton fabric. Patterns vary and cannot be specified.

Request Kitty Kicker or Catnip Sachet at check-out in seller notes section