Lavender Rose Scented Lotion - 4 oz Bottle

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Virgil's Lavender Rose Scented Lotion

Made with a signature blend of lavender and rose essential oils,our lavender scented lotion is designed to be gentle on the skin and spirit. You’ll love it! Here’s why:

• Gentle deodorizer. Lavender naturally eliminates strong odors without hurting you or your pets’ sensitive noses.

• Natural healer and disenfectant. Lavender fights acne and athete’s foot; heals burns, sunburns and insect bites; and soothes tired sore muscles.

• Natural insect repellant. Use Virgil's lavender lotion in the morning and keep bugs away all day. Guaranteed!

• Suffer from migraines or headaches? Massage our lotion into your muscles and relax the pain away.

• Gentle. Virgil’s all natural sunflower oil base moisturizes and regenerates dull, dry skin.

Size:4 oz. Bottle