Ceramic Bead Wood Hanging

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Handmade ceramic beads in a variety of bright, nature-inspired hues are suspended from a sturdy section from a real tree branch.  Striking in a sun-filled window, or hang from a backyard tree to bring a bit of whimsy to your day.  Color combinations vary.

Approximate size:  12-15” long by 12” high.

The Sunapple program helps to change assumptions about the abilities of people with disabilities.  A true community is one that values diversity, that all people deserve a living wage, and that everyone has something important to contribute.  Sunapple Studio artists participate in gallery exhibits, community art events, and all aspects of art design, production and sales.  Teach-Reach workshops are the vehicle by which Sunapple artists share the skills they have learned, by leading classes for members of the community.  Sunapple is a division of ARC Industries, Inc. that provides unique employment and job training opportunities to Franklin County adults with disabilities.

Sunapple's mission is to connect people with sustainable skills and marketable talents (who just happen to have disabilities) with the greater community, enabling both to flourish and grow.