Foodie Gift Guide

We all have that one friend or family member--they LOVE trying new foods, new restaurants, and new recipes all the time! But, what gift should you get them this year? Well, we've put together this list to help you find the perfect Ohio-made present for every foodie on your list.

Apple Pie Cocktail

Figgs Apple Pie Cocktail Mix - Non-Alcoholic $8.00


Milk Chocolate Buckeyes - 12 Pack $12.95

Papa's Seasoning

Papa Steve Original Greek Seasoning Blend $4.99

Caribbean Jerky

Caribbean Jerk Beef Jerky $7.00

Bloody Mary Mix 

Bloody Mary Mix $11.99

 Root Beer

Root Beer Soda $1.99


Szagorski’s Hot and Sweet Peppers $7.49


Vino de Milo Wine Bruschetta $5.99

 Pecan Brittle

Cayenne Pecan Brittle $6.99