This week, the spotlight is on family member and coin artist, Wretched Shekels!

Please tell us the story of your did it come to be, what is your mission, etc?

Wretched Shekels started out of necessity.  We were exploring ways to support our growing family and we began selling old baby stuff on eBay.  It worked so well that we went in search of baby stuff at yard sales, which quickly turned into vintage items and then auctions for antiques.  After many years of auctioning, I built quite a collection of old coins and tools.  With the help of some friends and a bit of creativity, I started using my old tools to make jewelry out of my coins. I really enjoy processes like soldering and polishing and cutting coins.  I do not see round discs when I look at coins.  I see them as cut up or with fine lines. Or I envision how to turn them into other shapes.  It is this perspective that allowed me to create some of my favorite pieces.



What is your favorite piece and why?

I have a lot of products and designs and some are yet to be realized, but my favorites are the cut coin pendants.  I enjoy the meticulous nature of the work and I love when the designs on the coin jump out as I cut them! 



What do you like to do when you aren't busy creating your products?

When I am not creating, my life is all about family. I have three daughters and a beautiful wife that I love to spend time with.



How has being a part of the CL Family helped your business grow?

I have made some good friends through the store and having a physical outlet to put my creations in has allowed for the extra income to purchase more tools for further creativity!


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